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That’s My Ride!

Every Sunday I could, I would ride to The Rock Store and cruise up to Neptune’s Net. It was the best medicine. The wind against my body and the full power of my Harley at my fingertips.

I have a lot of satisfied clients and friends that told the same story.  That is right up until their motorcycle got wrecked in an accident.   Right up until they suffered permanent injury to their back, massive road rash, broken bones, concussions – and worse.  

Every rider who got in a crash told me the same thing: “My beautiful motorcycle was gone. My baby.”

The ones that didn’t have me representing them told me the same story, “ I didn’t have the help I needed, and I lost big, selling the wreck to a friend at a severely discounted price. I couldn’t get the medical care I needed.  I spent all my time dealing with insurance companies, and in the end, the insurance company paid me almost nothing for what I went through.”

Don’t let this be your story.

Call Daniel A. Spitzer, an attorney that rides and focuses on motorcycle injury accidents. You need an expert with experience, not “some guy off a billboard.”

I focus on motorcycle accidents.  I work directly with my clients – I don’t hand them off to someone else.  I handle cases located all across Ventura County getting my clients the medical care and money that they deserve

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Daniel Spitzer – Motorcycle Injury Attorney Serving Ventura County – Helping Injured Motorcycle Riders Recover Maximum Compensation

The time and money that you would spend settling your motorcycle injury claim on your own can be nothing short of exhausting. You will need to secure medical help, legal advice, and also wrangle insurance companies whose entire business model is based on paying you as little as they can get away with.  If you don’t have an experienced motorcycle injury attorney, they just won’t take you seriously – and you won’t get the money you deserve.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, finding the right attorney to help your case can become confusing.  You are bombarded daily with commercials, billboards, and other advertising.  Don’t call a giant firm where you will be just another number.  Daniel A. Spitzer is local, experienced, and a top-rated motorcycle injury lawyer.

Call a firm where you will speak directly to lawyer Daniel A. Spitzer, every time you call.

At Spitzer Legal, we understand the pain you are going through after being injured in an accident. This is why our top-rated Ventura County motorcycle injury law firm consistently takes on cases with serious injuries – and we win big.  Some other attorneys just want a quick settlement, but Daniel A. Spitzer and Spitzer Legal will put in the work required to get you the money you deserve. 

Spitzer Legal focuses on handling catastrophic motorcycle accidents that caused severe injury and losses. We want you to be fully compensated for the harm caused to you. We want to get you the most money possible for the injuries you suffered in your motorcycle crash.  Contact us today by clicking above or on the telephone icon.


At Spitzer Legal, we treat clients with care, dignity, and respect. You’re not just another case, you are a priority. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what clients experience and their reviews of us.

“My daughter was in an accident, and her car was totaled. The other party was really playing the victim card, though we knew he was clearly at fault. I reached out to Daniel Spitzer, and he leaped into action. He worked directly with my daughter to make sure her medical needs were cared for. He dealt with the other insurance company, and was able to get them to admit fault almost immediately. He kept us up-to-date throughout the process, got us a very favorable settlement, and in doing so took all the pressure and stress off our shoulders. He could not have been easier to work with!”

Brian H.

Daniel was recommended to me by my mom, and I am so glad I called. I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing my experience with Daniel Spitzer was. He worked very hard on my case,  answered all the questions I had, and communicated very well with me. I could not have asked for a better lawyer.”

Alina H.

“I was involved in an accident a couple of years ago and couldn’t have been more fortunate to have Daniel representing me. Daniel brings to the table professionalism, knowledge, assurance, and a true passion for law. His availability, even for a quick phone call, is great also because it shows that he truly cares about his clients and that they aren’t just a name on paper. Overall, I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a wonderful and hardworking attorney.”


“My Dad had recommend Dan to me after I was struck with a car when crossing the street. At the time I was with my friend and we were both injured. Dan came to see me right away and took our cases. I’m very pleased with his services and the settlement he got me. It was much higher than I expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good  personal injury lawyer. He’s the best! I rate him a 5/5!”

Yusra D.

“I was bitten by a neighbor’s dog at a party and wound up with a scar on my face. Mr. Spitzer was not only compassionate and attentive to my concerns, he was a bulldog in going after the other party. Mr. Spitzer dug in and fought for me like nothing I’ve ever seen. In the end he got me a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”


“I give my attorney Daniel A. Spitzer an A+. Dan was highly recommended to me by one of my ice skating students. I was badly injured when a truck hit a tree, and broke a large branch that landed on me, knocking me to the ground.  Upon providing details and meeting in person, he took my case and immediately guided me to the best medical care. Throughout the ordeal, Dan communicated with me every step of the way…and resolved the case perfectly. I was very happy with the outcome and I would highly recommend Daniel A. Spitzer, Esq. to anyone looking for an effective lawyer that really cares about his clients.”

Michael G.

Spitzer Legal handled my dog bite case to my complete satisfaction, which included guiding me through all the medical and rehab steps needed to regain use of my injured hand, and ultimately resolving my claim to my complete satisfaction. They were always responsive, friendly, and sympathetic to my needs.”

Ken R.

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